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Living in Vancouver, Canada, one has to realise that the slowly creeping cost of living is a threat to our ability to sustain our existing standard of living. Although this country has done a fantastic job in keeping the inflation rate in check on the one hand, the Interest bearing accounts suffer accordingly.

Being in the “comtemplating” stage of retirement, the situation calls for preparation of some form of strategy that will allow a comfortable and stress free retirement future. This means investments and settlement destination plans.

Although for myself, I have to admit that summers in Vancouver Canada must be among the best in the world, and in your region, don’t forget to appreciate its best qualities too. It is not always greener on the other side !….

Winters in Vancouver Canada are somewhat dreary and wet that’s for sure, but the main concern here is the rapid escalation in the cost of living and with this post I am hoping to offer you the opportunity to share and exchange your views on that topic.

In the other post, we discuss retirement lifestyle experiences . What do you do to keep you occupied in your retirement ? Please check it out…