This page is to share with you some personal insight into an activity that I have grown to cherish, and could perhaps help you discover a new passion as you progress towards your “winding down” lifestyle…. Again, your comments are most welcome and always constructive…

I have found that learning to play an instrument is a fun way to release the frustrations and stress of the daily chores or worries that you always seem to accumulate with the inevitable bad news from TV broadcasts or newspapers….

Some may say that learning to play an instrument could actually be so frustrating that it is not worthwhile, but I disagree with that. Firstly, the right way to do this, is to find someone else that has the same interest (or talk them into it…), then agree that on a certain day of the week you’ll get together for a “practice” jam and some socializing. Before you know it, you have a “band” (sort of … 🙂 )

This approach does two things.

  1. It provides you with a new interest/challenge which is always important for our generation of 55+
  2. You socialize with some buddies regularly in a fun and constructive spirit.

For me, it has been especially rewarding and although we are just 2 guys (occasionally 3) with guitars and a keyboard we always look forward to the next session with great enthusiasm.

On this page, I have listed a couple of our songs for you to listen to… maybe amateurish, but what the heck… we enjoyed doing it…